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Press Release, 21st May 2010



Mission completed again for Maksymilian Wojcik and his team composed by Lukasz Grodzicki and Hanna Idziak. The Poles won again the European Team Championship overcoming in the final a surprising Argentina.
After starting “quietly” the first phase of the continental event, the three red and white have finished third in the qualifying rounds and in semifinals found a rock called Italy, represented by Federico Esposito, Marcantonio Baglione and Manfredi Misuraca, good to play each regatta with great sacrifice to compensate the absence of a female component in the team, considered the forfait of Federica Sorbello, for too much time not used to the race courses.
Iy wasn’t easy but Wojcik & company have passed by 2-0 the italians, by putting in water so much determination and strategy and winning the special duel against the blue team: both national teams were trying to register for the second time their name in the recent history of European Team Championships.
The second semifinal with Argentina and France saw the success of Reutemann, Berard Becker and Lopez who, after the exploit of the previous day when they got the leadership of the first two round robins, could only point straight to the final.
With a constant wind from north evenf if certainly lighter than the two previous days, the final between Argentina and Poland at the end brought to the victory of the european team thanks to the superb preparation and the strong wish to win in a competion already a "classic " to win.
Regret in the final for the third and fourth place between Italy and France. The Italians have been penalized by the lack of a female element in the team: after having won the forst duel, they lost the second one and only in the last meters of the third one lost the possibilities to win and get the bronze medal.
"We had problems with the Poles which have did very well - said Federico Esposito - They deserved to win and they did it. We missed primarily the presence of a woman in the team and so every time we were always forced to make a first or second or a first and third against opponents as the Poles who are among the first ten in the world. What a pity for the last challenge against french team, however, they were good reces, exciting and very interesting especially for my young teammates Marcantonio Baglione and Manfredi Misuraca who fought very well and have improved a lot. "

In the European Team Championships reserved to Techno 293 boards, France dominated by winning the first stage and passing the good young Russians in the semifinale, before defeating in the final the italian team composed by Veronica Fanciulli, Matthew Camboni and Daniele Benedetti, who had previously prevailed in the semifinals on Great Britain of the two sisters Sills and Max Bushell.
In the final for the third and fourth place, very good success of russian Ayvazyan, and Zagaynov Elfutina, already protagonista in Cadiz European Championships in january.

Closed the European Team Championships, tomorrow at 11 am the Sicily Grand Prix will be the protagonist. The “classic” individual race of the World Festival on the Beach this year will bring in the water 89 participants.

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