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by Natalia Riccobono

FROM 9th until 16th may of 1995 the enchanting gulf of Mondello in Palermo (Italy) was the host of the tenth edition of the Merit Cup Windsurf World Festival organized by the Albaria windsurfing club.The Windsurf World Festival consisted of two events: the IMCO European Open Team Match Race Championship and the Sicily Grand Prix an international race.The french Michel Quintin surprised everyone by winning the Sicily Grand Prix, obtaining in the five regattas the best places (2-1-4-5-1); Nikolas Kaklamanakis from Greece came second (4-5-1-3-4) followed by Mathias Bornhauser from Germany (5-3-3-15-8).The first of the italians was Paco Wirz (8-15-5-7-16) but, good performances came also from the other sicilian Riccardo Giordano that broke his sail in the first day of the competition.

Riccardo 7th in the first race, and 2th twice in the last race of the final day in Sicily Grand Prix, proved that with a little less bad luck he could have done much better. We should also stress the 8th position in one of the last two races of one of the Albaria's youngest athletes Marco Casagrande. In the women's group (Barcelona gold medallist) Barbara Kendall from New Zealand defeated everyone by winning four races out of five. Alessandra Sensini from Italy came second (3-1-4-2-2) before Fiona Taylor from Australia (2-3-2-3-4).
As regards the European Open Team Match Race Championship: the winner was New Zealand with the gold medal in Seoul Bruce Kendall together with Aaron McIntosh, that defeated the french team composed by gold medal in Barcellona Frank David and (Sicily Grand Prix winner) Michel Quintin.This victory surprised almost everybody, because the french were defeated after having won every single race up until the final.
Just the final race was really spectacular, once again the new zealanders proved their incredible skill finishing first and second. For the third position, there was a challenge between the italian team composed by the two masters Wirz and Giordano (that was the winners of the last edition between the newzelander) and the australian team (Lars Kleppich and Chris Lawrence).The italians did extremely well in the first race but were defeated by Kleppich and Lawrence in the last two races, obtaining only the fourth position.
As regards the women's group: there was the victory of the australian Fiona Taylor, who surprisingly eliminated Bruce Kendall's sister Barbara during the semi-final. Alessandra Sensini came second, third and fourth came respectively Barbara Kendall and Manuela Arcidiacono.
Great event at ten o'clock in the evening of may 14th; for the first time in the world a spectacular race took place in the night in the beautiful gulf of Mondello. Money prices and sails for the partecipants.The winner was Bruce Kendall, second place for the french Michel Quintin, third was Riccardo Giordano of Albaria; in the women's race, first came Alessandra Sensini from Grosseto.
Great success of public, thanks to the Albaria that managed to put together three olympic gold medals, one olympic bronze medal and lots of world champions, even if the local athletes didn't obtain exciting results. For another beautiful event: let's meet next year in Mondello for the next Windsurf World Festival. Goodbye!


by Pietro Porcella

What a pleasure to be back in Mondello for the Windsurf world festival ! I've accepted to be the speaker of this kermesse for a simple reason.
No other boardsailing event in the planet, has the same combination of beauty, technical value in the Olympic class, life.
The event is the mirror of their promoter Vinci Pottino and Enzo Baglione of Albaria club.
At the Windsurf world festival, they pretend excellent quality both in water organization and in evening parties.
The high level is guaranteed by the presents of three gold medals .Two come from the same family, Golden Bruce and Golden Barbara. Kendall is their family name, 'Olympic spirit' their trade mark. They came from New Zealand together with the top ranked Iyru sailor, Aaron McIntosh. To confront the rest of the world , in what is supposed to be the most exciting show for the public: match races!
Who can beat the kiwis?
The gold medal in Barcellona Frank David with his French teammate Michel Quintin , or the Australian Lars Kleppich (bronze in Barcellona) with Chris 'Rabbit' Lawrence?
How about the International team with Israelian Amit Imbar, the Greek Niko Kaklamanakis and the italian Lucio Di Mauro?
Honestly, I will cheer for Paco Wirz and Riccardo Giordano, the Italian duo that make us dream.
Oh yeah, I should call them the 'Dream team'.
Am I allowed to do that from the unic? I hope so,Team racing is supposed to be the best show for the public.