XIX Edizione PALERMO - Italy  17-23  MAGGIO 2004
Città di Palermo
Assessorato allo Sport
World Festival On The Beach


Photo Press Conference


Press Conference: held on the 7th of May 2004

The Windsurfing racebord world championships in Sicily is to be presented by the Governor Salvatore Cuffaro
The 19th Edition of the World Festival on the Beach is to be opened by a Triathlon Race

Today in the Albaria Club’s headquarters at the Gregorietti Villa at in Mondello the Press Conference of the 19th Edition of the World Festival on the Beach was held, with the special presence of the Sicilian Regional President Salvatore Cuffaro along with the Councillor responsible for the Tourism Regional Department Francesco Cascio and Salvatore Sammartano from the Provincial Tourism and Sports departments, and Vincenzo Pottino who is not only the Albaria Club President but also part of the Sailing Federation Committee.

Different Events of the World Festival on the Beach were presentated showing the main roles of the different windsurfing competitions (held in Mondello from the 17th to the 23rd of May) and the assignment of the Nations Cup (the World Festival on the Beach Trophy). The world championships of the raceboard class are to be held from the 17th to the 21st of May (the same dates are also valid for the European Masters Title where Italian Paco Wirz will defend his record won last year in Poland). On Friday the 21st of May until Sunday the 23rd of May athletes from the Mistral Olympic Class will join the Festival and compete in an international race. A Windsurfer Legend Race is also to be held, an event which has invited only those who in the past were the worlds best in windsurfing and who will race against each other in a race of six buoys. Among this race there will be many famous athletes such as the californian Matt Schweitzer the first ever world champion winner in windsurfing and the son of the inventor of windsurf Hoyle Schweitzer.

Vincenzo Pottino underlined the importance of the World Festival On The Beach by making note of its growth not only among the sails but also from sports and music entertainment. Guest of honour Riccardo Giordano was praised, who will represent Italy in the next olympic games in Athens (the third olympics for the albaria’s athlete). Pottino finished with what will be new about the 19th edition “there will be a classical music concert performed by the Sicilian Synphonic Orchestra, to be held at sunset on the splendid settings of the mondello Beach in Palermo. A Concert that after the pop music from the Summer Festival in Sicily and the third edition of the New Jazz Festival on the Beach will make the music events even more richer at the the world festival on the Beach”.

The Sicilian Regional President Salvatore Cuffaro underlined that “Palermo is very much a city by the sea and this event values at its best Sicily, events like this give out to the world not only the knowledge of one of most beautiful natural places in Sicily but also of a winning regione in tourism”. All the best to Riccardo Giordano hoping that he will be able to keep the Sicilian colours flying high.

Palermo’s Mayor, Diego Cammarata declared that “the World Festival on the Beach is a proud event for its city, an appointment that annualy calls to Palermo not only those keen on the sport but also people from all parts of the world. The local Council wants to strongly support the realization of The World festival on the Beach, convinced that having such an appointment of quality, the city has offered a great image for itself.”

The Regional Sports, Tourism and Entertainments director Francesco Cascio said “believing in this event has made it stronger, the World Festival On the Beach is one of the few international events that is held on a beach and gives the chance to promote Sicily in the whole world.

The provincial sports director Salvatore Sammartano added “Events like this are fundamental in promoting the sport not only at a professional level but also at an amateur level”. He went on saying “The World Festival on the Beach represents an important moment of joining in a sport, who comes in contact with this sport as within other sports need such events that stimulate them to improve and dedicate themselves even more.

The Director of the Albaria Club Vincenzo Baglione says “ the strength of the World Festival on the Beach is in the uniting of various events into one. And this is possible now as it has in the past thanks to the collaboration of different organizations”.