XIX Edizione PALERMO - Italy  17-23  MAGGIO 2004
Città di Palermo
Assessorato allo Sport
World Festival On The Beach
La manifestazione che trasforma per una settimana la spiaggia di Palermo, 
Mondello in Sicilia, in un villaggio turistico unico al Mondo




PALERMO – 21st MAY – The closing evening of entertainment, planned for saturday the 22nd of May at the 19th Edition of the World Festival on the Beach.
A great evening of entertainment that will involve all ages of the audience from youngsters to adults, thanks to the different types of music the evening has to offer.
It will begin at 10.00pm in Valdesi Square with the New Jazz Festival, also this year it had great success from the audience, with concerts from Marcia Maria and Sarah Jane Morris.
On Saturady, on the stage set up in the Village,we will see the Sicilian Jazz Orchestra go on stage conducted by Ignazio Garsia.  “L’ensemble” in Sicily represents the first example of a big band, made up and founded by Ignazio Garsia in 1973.
The musical performances will be really hot with a line-up of latin jazz pieces that will make the evenings atmosphere magical.  The guest star of the evening is Nick the Nightfly, a music artist who is in love with Mondello and with the World Festival on the Beach, he never misses an occasion to be here.
The voice of “montecarlo night” comes back to World Festival on the Beach for the third year after christening the New Jazz Festival and giving advice on how to organize it.
Apart from presenting the evening, Nick the Nightfly will present a few famous songs such as Fly to the Moon, Moondance and Michael Bublee’s last hit My Funny Valentine.
After the jazz performances, there will be more music on the stage set up on the beach, for the evening of the Summer festival in Sicily, organized by the Sicilian Regional Tourism Department.  The guests of the evening will be music artists daniele Groff, DB Boulevard MadreBlu, Delta V, Riccardo Coraro, Apple Scruffs and Las Congas.

They came together in 2001 as a production team in the Pop House Music sector.  The group is composed of Diego Broggio (famous dj in Italy and Europe), Alfredo Azzetto (famous international and national house music producer for many years), Roxy ( manager and producer of numerous productions and remixes known around the world) and Alessio Ventura (musician and singer in “Dhamm”).
After a few months work, in december 2001 their single “Point of View” was released, sung by Moony, which left a permenent sign on the charts around the world.  It became No.1 in the Italian charts (gold and platinum disks), third place in the British charts and first in the American Billboard.  In that same year DB Boulevard won the Italian Dance Awards and were candidates at the MTV Music Awards in 2002 at Barcellona. 
In September they brought out their second single “Believe” (sang by Louise Rose) with no delusions,  The song became No.1 in the Australian Dance Chart, and 3rd in the MTV Dance Chart and in the European Top 20.  DB Boulevard become once again candidates at the Italian dance Awards.  In October 2003 they released thier 3rd single “Hardfrequency” with Alessio Ventura’s voice.
The song becomes the track to the Garnier T.V advertisment and takes third place in the MTV chart and All Dance Chart.
DB Boulevard along with Alessio Ventura presented themselves at he 2004 edition of Sanremo, this time with an Italian song titled “Basterà”.

Madreblu got together in 1995 with the getting together of Raffaella Destefano singer, Gino Marcelli piano and keyboards, Valerio Artusi keyboards, who left the group in 1998.  Thier debut album “Prima dell’ Alba” was published in October 1997. From thier Album 3 songs became extracted  “Gli Angeli” “Orlando” and “Ego”.  They participated at the Sanremo Festival with “Gli Angeli”, at the Neapolis Tuborg Festival, at the Night Express with Simple Minds singing the cover version “Don’t You”, in Montecarlo having Trilok Gurtu as special percussion guest.  “Gli Angeli” wins the Titano Prize in San marino as the best song of the year, and for many months it was one of the most frequently played songs on the radio.
During their tour Madreblu began to compose songs for their new album, which is then completed in January 1999.  On the 13th of April 1999 their new single “Reiko” is released. NECESSITA was edited on April the 29th 1999 with the CHRYSALIS record company, the first time they have used Italian productions.  Madreblu feel the need after 4 years to write more songs.
The new single called “Il Sogno” a dream that becomes reality in a good video by the group.  This single is a kind of introduction that leads us to their new album, “L’EQUILIBRIO”, that doesn’t represent an important turning in their story, but more of a third chapter of their career.  It’s like going one step ahead and keeping you’re eyes fixed on the starting point.

The third discographic work from Daniele Groff came out on the 5th of March and is called “Mi Accordo”. The disk is produced by Marco Patrignani, RoadHouse record label and distributed by Universal, managed by Daniele Groff with help from Marco Bosco and Marco Patrignani and the sound from Alessandro Benedetti. Marco Bosco is playing the guitar once again after being part of Variatio 22, in the USA he became a guitar and solo singer. He and another collaborator of “Mi Accordo” Costa Paganelli accompanied Daniele Groff on stage at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo.

Riccardo Coraro is from Palermo,he’s in love with music, through the years music became his job. He has excellent vocal abilities, he made himself known through his performances played around venues in Sicily and Milan where he lived for a few years bringing his abilities to perfection.
He was back up singer to music artists such as Paolo Belli, Mario Venuti, Michele Zarillo and Neri per Caso, and sang last year at the opening of a concert by Antonello Venditi.  The artist from Palermo will present a national preview of three songs written and sung by him, “Basta aver Coraggio”, “In Fondo” and “Adesso Vivo”. With him on stage there will be Totò Orlando (percussion), Rosario Gagliardo (drums), Gaetano Basso (base), Luigi Di Napoli (electric Guitar), Joe Gagliardo (piano).

A band from Palermo formed by Alessandro, Bruno, Mirko Cirrone and Toti Denaro.  It will be possible to listen to other than a few cover versions, the new songs composed by the Apple Scruffs, the band were the winners of a competition in Italy “Demo 2004” with Radio Uno Rai.
The Apple Scruffs in the past few years have recorded in Palermo “all sold out” in a series of concerts held on some of the most important stages in Palermo ( Teatro Politeama, Lo Spasimo, Villa Trabia etc..). They are back from a tour of Milan’s and Rome’s most famous venues.

The Group Las Congas got together in spring 2000, formed by two brothers Enrico and Daniele Taormina, percussionists who began to play percussion instruments to house music. While Enrico remained with the percussion instruments Daniele moves on to guitar and sole singer and are joined by Ivan Philogene (drums) and Bartolo Ferrante (Base).
During the followinf summer the group is completed by the guitar player Manuele Lindo, Italian/Swiss.  The group then went towards Latin Music and Flamenco Rumba.
After a year and a half they met the Davi brothers, Antonio (piano) and Samuele (trumpet), the groups sounds became a lot more variant, by inserting Cuban music into their footage, and styles like the Salsa and the Montuno Son, the group are begining research towards Arab and Mediterranean music.
In 2003 Salvo Papale (keyboard) and Vincenzo Gervasi (Saxophone) become part of the group.
The evening will continue at the Sea Club disco at Terrasini for the fifth party from the All Night Long Club.
The artistic director of the World Festival on the Beach is Mauriziotto. 

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