XIX Edizione PALERMO - Italy  17-23  MAGGIO 2004
Città di Palermo
Assessorato allo Sport
World Festival On The Beach
La manifestazione che trasforma per una settimana la spiaggia di Palermo, 
Mondello in Sicilia, in un villaggio turistico unico al Mondo





Palermo – 20th of May – The second last day of the World Raceboarding Championship races, organized by the Albaria Windsurfing club, the races still see Fragos leading the race towards final success.

While the old windsurf tables are being prepared for the “Legend Race”, the mistral and the raceboards of the 51 athletes running for the world title tried to make use of the weak wind (around 6 knots) which has been the same for the other races held.  In the first race, Alberti had a good start and was able to keep up pace with the group before letting Beudou, Baronjan and Fragos the leader of the race pass by him.

In the second race, an anticipated start from Fragos gave Chrysochoy first place.
Many athletes were stopped from false starts and protests that in no way will change the classification of the world championships: behind the two leaders was the frenchman Beudou and a numerous amount of Italians, Alberti, Esposito, Casagrande and Belli dell’Isca.

In The Nation Cup, Greece with no problems is in the lead, while Itlay is so far second with an advantage of seven points on France.

Among the women Bryony Shaw continues to precede Lise Vidal, even if there is a difference of only one point between the two.  Tartagliani remains in third place, coming in sixth in todays second race.

In the European Masters, Paul Leone has taken charge once again whilst Paco Wirz who was disqualified in the last race, goes down to forth place, in second place the frenchman Asia with Giuseppe Castelli coming in behind him just one point away.

This afternoon the Windsurf Legend Race was held, and had 14 champions from the past race against each other with windsurfs from the 1970’s –80’s with one against one in the slalom.
Many spectators were on the beach to watch the Americans Schweitzer’s and Waltze’s numbers, and along with Pottino, Baglione, Boghossian and Dalla Vedova they really enjoyed themselves in the race track set up in front of the Albaria.
Among the best challenges was surley the one that had opposite each other Vinci Pottino and Mike Waltze, where Mike Waltze was determined to win and did so by the scrape of his teeth.
Manuela Maxia, queen of windsurfing in the early 80’s was capable of first eliminating Carlo de Fede, Philippe Boghossian and then Luca Frascari, in the second round she eliminated Matt Schweitzer.

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