XIX Edizione PALERMO - Italy  17-23  MAGGIO 2004
Città di Palermo
Assessorato allo Sport
World Festival On The Beach
La manifestazione che trasforma per una settimana la spiaggia di Palermo, 
Mondello in Sicilia, in un villaggio turistico unico al Mondo



PALERMO – 16TH OF MAY – summer has arrived in Mondello. Today was probably the only place in Italy where you can enjoy a beautiful summers day along the coastline of the Palermo’s famous fishing village Mondello,  among the hundreds of tourists and palermitani’s that crowd the beach and  pedestrianized area created in Valdesi Square and Regina Elena Street.   You could be enjoying yourself by eating an ice cream or simply taking in the summer sun.  Mondello was like this today, tourists and athletes were in large quantities for the 19th Edition of the World Festival on the Beach.

In Regina Elena Street a passer -by along with her kids said “ being able to walk freely along the coastline is something we’ve needed for a long time in this fantastic place”.

The traffic ran smoothly with no traffic jams, the presence of police and traffic wardens has diminished drastically thanks to the work done by the organizers.  The general impression seems to be that since arranging this area in Mondello it has brought respect to places from the people that has spontaneously grown.

Sometimes you just need someone that gives input and things will run well because the people deep down are respectful and well manered” said an old age woman who felt at ease among the many crowds at the multicolored village.

This all took place today, the starting day, a day of settling and organizing  the World Festival on the Beach event that from tomorrow until Sunday will see music, sport and many other happenings.

A clear example of how a simple sport integrates well with its local enviroment, that joins the passion for the sea and the part played by the wind into a great event, a sport that not only takes for the third time a boy from Palermo to the Olympics but can also make the most of a place that is already spectacular and knows how to make itself respected.


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