XIX Edizione PALERMO - Italy  17-23  MAGGIO 2004
Città di Palermo
Assessorato allo Sport
World Festival On The Beach


Photo Press Conference


From Maui to Mondello:  
Matt Schweitzer and Mike Waltze at the World Festival On The Beach

PALERMO – the 15th of May -  The one and only Windsurfing legends Matt Schweitzer and Mike Waltze are in Mondello for the 19th Edition of the World Festival on The Beach, organized by the Albaria Windsurfing Club in collaboration with Palermo’s local Council and the Sicilian Regional Tourism Department.

Matt Schweitzer and Mike Waltze will open the large line – up of more old windsurfing celebrities, who will participate in the “Windsurf Legend Race” on Tuesday the 18th of May.

It will be a race with 6 buoys for the athletes who have a passion for windsurfing. Matt Schweitzer and Mike Waltze are the Albaria’s special guests, they alone represent the first 10 years of windsurfing.  Matt Schweitzer, ’59 class, the son of one of the windsurf inventors, Hoyle (the other is Jim Drake), was the first ever World Windsurfing Champion in 1974.  He’s in Mondello along with his wife Shawneen also an ex windsurfing athlete.  Mike Waltze, a friend of Matt, from the age of 10 years old was another protagonist of the windsurfing history as well as being the “water man” with the most innovation.