XIX Edizione PALERMO - Italy  17-23  MAGGIO 2004
Città di Palermo
Assessorato allo Sport
World Festival On The Beach
La manifestazione che trasforma per una settimana la spiaggia di Palermo, 
Mondello in Sicilia, in un villaggio turistico unico al Mondo


Some of the Triathlon Races Delayed and then Suspended
Palermo the 15th of May 2004

Mondello – The Triathlon races organized by Palermo’s Iron Teams Polisportivo.

Told by Maurizio Primiero, “From early on Saturday morning, before the races we had asked for the town’s police patrol to collaborate in closing off the traffic. Repeatedly we urgently asked the need for them to intervene, also because lots of cars were in the race circuits way.

This, continues Maurizio Primiero, caused a noticeable delay in the begining the of event and was then even suspended.  The problem of suspending the race had nothing to do with the race circuit itself but was what was around it that caused the trouble.   “To over come the problem the Triathlons Organizers should have created safety conditions even without the intervene of the town’s police” says Vinci Pottino, president of the Albaria’s Windurfing Club and organizer of the World Festival on the Beach.  Vinci Pottino went on saying “The people in charge of the Triathlons organization should have prepared a race circuit in a more suitable way like what was created for the World Festival on the Beach”. 

The town police’s inspector said “the part that the Albaria took place in was impeccable while that of the Triathlon was not looked upon as suitable by the Police”


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